Understanding and Improving Core Strength

How to Improve Your Core Strength

Whether you’re an active person or sedentary, your body is equipped with a set of muscles vital to your stability. This set of muscles are your core stabilizing muscles, and they are imperative for safe, efficient, effective, and PAIN-FREE MOVEMENT. One way or another, every major movement starts with the core or involves it, and that’s where core strength can help you.

Without strong core stabilizers, the prime moving muscles such as the arms or legs suffer in power and the rest of the body suffers as well. Change Your Pain Kamloops is the top provider of drug-free pain management, physical rehabilitation, health, and wellness. Change Your Pain wants to help you today with 5 benefits of improving your core strength.

5 Benefits of Improving Your Core Strength

Daily Activities

From stooping to pick up your baby or simply washing the floor, what may seem like mundane actions, actually rely on the stability of the core. All too often, people become complacent. They do not realize how such simple things can become incredible feats once extreme back pain sets in. Everything from balancing to jumping to running involves the core.

On the Job

Those involved with any kind of twisting, standing for long periods, lifting, or bending all rely on the core. But for those who don’t have strenuous tasks, sitting for long hours disengages a weak your core. With extensive menial activities in repetition and poor posture, someone can expect to have a stiff and sore body by the end of the day.

Sports and Leisure

Sports are known for being the physical measure of someone’s strength, endurance, skill, and mental fitness. This goes without saying that someone involved in sports will rely on their core muscles for almost every swing, step, turn, tackle, and strike. The Athlete with the strongest core will have the best endurance and outlast all other athletes. Athletes should be focused on their core strength despite their assumed consistent physical activities since core muscle fitness comes from specific exercises which are designed to activate, strengthen, and coordinate the core stabilizing muscles. Sexual wellness should also be considered, as it requires core power, and flexibility, and strong pelvic stabilizing muscles.

Around the House

Sweeping, mopping, carrying, reaching, and even vacuuming involves activating the core and following through with the extremities. With a stiff back or back pain, resulting from a weak core, you can expect these basic activities to not only become difficult, but painful, resulting in a diminished way of life just to keep the house clean.

Posture and Appearance

A weak core can contribute to slouching. With good posture comes benefits on both the body’s appearance and the lasting strength of the lower back and neck. The spine can suffer over time with bad posture and can limit breathing when not sitting or standing properly.

Improve Your Life with Core Strength

The benefits of supporting and strengthening the core, besides the obvious related to sports, manual labor, and sexual activities, go well into an individual’s daily functioning and quality of life. With four out of five people suffering from debilitating lower back pain at some point in their life, there should be a strong desire to strengthen and improve the core muscles.

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