MVA Recovery Program / Return to Work Program

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MVA Recovery Program / Return to Work Program

Change Your Pain Kamloops’ MVA Recovery and Return to Work programs combine comprehensive functional assessments, active rehabilitation, functional exercise, and desensitization therapy to address injuries associated with a motor vehicle accident and/or a work-related injury.

Our MVA recovery program & return to work program are designed to address all the issues which we identify in our assessment process along with taking into account daily activities, cognitive restrictions and workplace demands to devise the appropriate program structure for each patient, individually.

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Change Your Pain Kamloops Clinic offers a vast range of treatment options, services, advice, and programs that assist in restoring the quality of life of our clients.

Our extremely experienced and highly knowledgeable practitioners work together to provide customized treatment options to meet each of our client’s individual needs and requirements.

We use an affordable interdisciplinary, drug-free, and evidence-based approach of therapy to effectively and efficiently address dysfunction, pain, and mobility issues to restore optimal function and provide long term positive changes.

Many of us experience some degree of discomfort, stress, or exhaustion in our everyday lives. Finding the right treatment or rehabilitation for your specific needs can be quite overwhelming, especially with multi-symptom cases which we quite often see because of a motor vehicle & job-related accident.

Dealing with the physical effects of an MVA or work-related accident can be a challenging process. That is where our team of professionals can help. We have developed a thoroughly tailored MVA recovery program & return to work program that empowers our patients to have a proactive role in their recovery process while implementing education and functional training which allows for long-term management.

Our team of practitioners strive to ensure that all our client’s treatments are an effective and progressive experience with the additional benefits of permanent positive lifestyle changes. Change your pain Kamloops clinic is committed to making this happen.

Program Cost: Varies based on assessment

We can provide a 12-week program. Please call the office for details.

Direct billing is available for extended health plans and ICBC patients (some restrictions apply).

Our practitioners offer a variety of appointment times for your convenience. We even have some evening and weekend appointments! Be sure to give us a call or stop by our downtown Kamloops location to get started on making a therapy plan that works for you!

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