What Registered Massage Therapy Qualifications Mean

Registered Massage Therapy at Change Your Pain Kamloops

At Change Your Pain Kamloops (CYPK), we are a Registered Massage Therapy clinic. We know there are many different types of massage services that are not registered. But what does that mean? 

There are some distinct differences between massage services and Registered Massage Therapy. Namely, the regulation and education required in order to be registered and certified in the province of British Columbia. At a minimum, Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) in BC must attend an intense, demanding education program through an approved and accredited educational program. They must also pass a rigorous provincially regulated exam (written and oral-practical). 

In order for an RMT to maintain a valid licence, yearly continuing education courses must be completed. This means in both professional development and practical skills which are approved by the College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMTBC).

“The CMTBC regulates the profession of massage therapy in the public interest to ensure that registered massage therapists (RMTs) in BC deliver safe, ethical, and effective treatment” – CMTBC. 

Unregulated individuals with an interest in massage do not necessarily carry liability insurance. Therefore, there is no recourse to the College should they practice unsafely, ineffectively, or unethically.

Registered Massage Therapy Qualifications

Many RMTs have training that goes even beyond, including Melissa West. Melissa is our clinic director and one of the CYPK Massage Therapists. She has been practicing Massage Therapy since 1996, after graduating from UBC. Here are some of her qualifications and what they mean:

Bachelor of Physical Education

Melissa graduated with a degree in physical education from UBC, majoring in Human Kinetics. Her background in Human Kinetics allows her to utilize an interdisciplinary approach in the rehabilitation and care of her clients.

Registered Massage Therapist

Following the completion of her degree, Melissa obtained a diploma from the West Coast of Massage Therapy. It is one of the provincial institutions recognized and accredited by the College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMTBC). Melissa is also a member of the Registered Massage Therapists Association of BC which is a provincially recognized association that supports the profession.

“Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) are educated and trained to evaluate individual health needs, and provide active and passive techniques for patient care. RMTs provide an accurate assessment, differential diagnosis of specific soft tissue and musculoskeletal conditions…”

Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of British Columbia

Being part of the RMTBC allows practitioners to access professional development opportunities. It also allows them to benefit from the advocacy and support provided by the association in regards to recognizing massage therapy as a viable and necessary component of BC health care services.

Here at CYP Kamloops, we are committed to fostering a culture of growth. We continue to explore new educational opportunities and expanded techniques in order to benefit our clients. Our goal is to ensure you have a positive clinic experience directed towards treating your symptoms, providing preventative treatment programs, as well as offering advice to create permanent positive lifestyle changes.

At CYP Kamloops, we are committed and honoured to help clients Experience Transformational Change in their health and wellness. Here is what one client said about the impact CYPK has had on her quality of life:

I was unable to climb on to the table at the beginning of my treatment. I had severe pain in both shoulders and neck and through the clavicle area. Melissa was able to release all of the trigger points and gave me relief through every appointment. I felt secure in Melissa’s care as her superior knowledge of all the muscles, their functions, and how to release pain spasms put me at ease. I looked forward to each treatment as the relief from pain and the progress I was making towards recovery was evident . I continue to improve and my mobility is 100% improved. My energy levels are above normal and my general health has never been better.” – Janet

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As an RMT, our clients are often eligible to receive coverage for Registered Massage Therapy. This can be through their extended health care plans and/or through ICBC. At CYPK, there is direct billing available for extended health plans and ICBC patients (some restrictions apply).

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