• Oxygen Therapy
    to enhance
    tissue healing
  • Core Fit
    to improve
    biomechanical balance
  • Massage Therapy
    to assess &
    treat injuries
  • Kinesiology
    to improve
    functional capacity

Change Your Pain Kamloops

EDUCATE!                                  RESTORE MOVEMENT!                               IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE!

The Change Your Pain Kamloops clinic offers an affordable interdisciplinary and drug-free approach to pain management, physical rehabilitation, health, and wellness.

Why Choose Change Your Pain Kamloops?

Every new patient completes a comprehensive medical history, physical assessment and receives a recommended treatment plan.

Our goal is to ensure you have a positive clinic experience directed towards treating your symptoms, providing preventative treatment programs, as well as offering advice to create permanent positive lifestyle changes:

  • Improve your quality of life with Drug-Free Therapy
  • Highly skilled & experienced team work to meet your physical rehabilitation, health, & wellness needs
  • Superior services to provide the necessary treatment & tools to create permanent, positive, lifestyle changes
  • Access to extensive practitioner referral sources to more fully address your rehabilitation, health, and wellness needs
  • 24 hour online booking for your convenience:


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Melissa was referred to me by the "Welcome Back" clinic in Kamloops. I have two herniated discs in my lower back & after just one session I felt immediate relief from the pain. I would not hesitate to recommend Melissa and the Change Your Pain Kamloops Clinic to anyone!