• Oxygen Therapy
    to enhance
    tissue healing
  • Core Fit
    to improve
    biomechanical balance
  • Massage Therapy
    to assess &
    treat injuries
  • Kinesiology
    to improve
    functional capacity

Charity Events

Operation Nicaragua

Change Your Pain Kamloops Clinic continues to provide support to Operation Nicaragua by traveling to the Nicaraguan village of Jiquillilo. Here we provide ongoing training and upgrading of massage skills as well as helping out with the numerous social change projects on site. We provide local support by visiting a warehouse every Monday night to sort donated items and pack them into containers to be sent to the most needy Nicaraguan people.

If you are interested in supporting this worthy cause, please contact us and join in any capacity you wish.

Nicaraguan Student Initiative

In September of 2010, I visited a small village in Nicaragua (Jiquilillo) to teach some local women basic relaxation massage techniques. These skills will allow the women to work in a local tourist camp which will provide a sustainable income for them and their families.

While teaching, I had the honour of meeting a young Nicaraguan man who offered his language interpreting services for FREE. His name is LUIS MAYORGA. I soon learned that Luis had plans to become a doctor and come back to his village to work in the medical clinic. However, Luis had little funds for his schooling and was not sure if he would be able to achieve his dream at all. Therefore, I decided to sponsor Luis to help ensure he has a chance to have an education.

I will be setting up an official fund for Luis and students like him, but for now I will be wiring him money when I can.

If you are interested in helping to sponsor Luis' education, please leave your donation at the front desk with your name and email address. Luis will email thank you notes and pictures of his studies to those who donate funds.

Thank you for helping to create a positive, sustainable, social change.
Melissa West
Clinic Director - CYP Kamloops Clinic

Here are some pictures of Luis helping his people learn massage techniques and how to make sleeping mats out of plastic bags.

Since 2010, Melissa West had returned to the same community four more times to continue to help educate the community and provide sustainable skills while working on various social change projects.

Charity Events



Melissa was referred to me by the "Welcome Back" clinic in Kamloops. I have two herniated discs in my lower back & after just one session I felt immediate relief from the pain. I would not hesitate to recommend Melissa and the Change Your Pain Kamloops Clinic to anyone!